The story behind the ‘Computaters’ name

Before the store was founded over 18 years ago, Tim Simpson and Dan Drooger often went to the industry conventions in Las Vegas. On one occasion, Tim and Dan were having a friendly conversation with a waitress at a local eatery. Dan and Tim were explaining to her that they were there for a computer-related business trip, and that they were also from Idaho. The waitress good-naturedly labeled them a couple of ‘computaters’ and they¬† liked the nickname so much that they named the company…

The Original Logo ©2002

Computaters grew quickly, and we moved from our little shop on the west side of Main street to our current location on the east side of Main. There we have two full service benches, a retail section, and several back theater and meeting rooms.

Located at 117 E. Main St. since 2004