PC Repair

At Computaters we believe in fair pricing that is competitive to shops in the Boise area. Our rates are usually well below those of other shops. This pricing list is a guide and is not definitive. If you have any questions feel free to call us at (208) 365-3632

We also specialize in laptop repair, see the Laptop Repair Page.

Generally free, any charge to look at your computer will apply towards whatever needs to be done to fix your computer.

Basic Hourly Labor Rate – $50
For general computer work we only charge $50 an hour.

Reloading Windows – $90
This includes reinstalling Windows and all necessary hardware drivers, as well as OpenOffice and AVG Antivirus. Note: The hard drive will be reformated, so all data will be lost if not backed up. See back-up fee.

Virus/Spyware Removal – Hourly
We can remove virus and spyware from your computer. Although generally it is more economical to reload windows, this is our rate for removals.

Tune up – $50
If your computer is starting to bog down, you should consider having it tuned up. We will clean up Windows and tweak your settings to get the maximum speed. We can also recommend what other upgrades you should do for better speed.

In Home Hourly Rate – $75
We can look at your computer at your house instead of you bringing it in to the shop. This also applies to network setup and computer setup.

Pickup/Delivery – $45
We can also pickup and delivery your computer if you need us to. This is for the Emmett area only, others are more.

Cleaning – $27.50
Have a dirty computer or laptop? We use compressed air and specail computer cleaning products to clean off the dust and the dirt.

Software Install and Config – $27.50
If you are having trouble with a program or game, we can work on the program and get it running.

Data Back-up Fee – $35
We copy an image of every computer’s hard drive that we work on to help prevent against data loss. If you need your data from this image because your hard drive was damaged or your computer was wiped and reloaded, then this is fee that is incurred.

Internal Device Install – $37.50
This is the rate for installing devices inside your computer, such as video cards, modems, and CD drives.

RAM Upgrades – $15
A RAM upgrade can make your computer run faster and handle multitasking better. Although the price of the RAM itself differs with the type required, this is our installation fee.